Fun Activities for National Senior Citizen Day

President Ronald Reagan proclaimed August 21st as National Senior Citizens Day back in 1988. It was a day to celebrate older adults and their roles in the workforce, families, and communities. This year, celebrate your dad by getting the family together for these fun activities that suit all ages.


Book a Private Room at Your Dad’s Favorite Restaurant

Elder Care Westshore, FL: Senior Citizen Day
Elder Care Westshore, FL: Senior Citizen Day

Consider splitting the cost of a meal at your dad’s favorite restaurant. If you want to keep him away from people who may have COVID or other serious illnesses, you can book a private room. Often, a private room doesn’t cost extra as long as there are enough people in your party, and your bill meets the required minimum.


Play Board Games

Board games are the perfect way for families to spend time together. Depending on the ages in your family, you could play kid-friendly games like Apples to Apples or advance a little in age to very popular games like Ticket to Ride.

Play some classics from your dad’s childhood and let your kids then show him what’s popular now. Some games, such as Monopoly, are familiar to both generations.


Go on a Picnic

Head to a beach, riverfront park, or city park and have a picnic together. Everyone can bring a salad or sandwiches and have a great time together playing outdoor games, swimming, exploring the trails, and eating delicious foods. 

Bring some sunscreen and plenty of water to ensure everyone in your family stays hydrated and avoids a sunburn. Insect repellent is also helpful.


Plan a Movie Day

Set your dad’s TV up to stream a variety of movies that suit all ages. Ask your dad and other family members to offer some recommendations, and try to make sure the movies shown include at least one of your dad’s choices.

Make popcorn and other snack foods and have a movie day. If everyone brings something, such as drinks and baked goods, you won’t have to spend too much time on the preparation for a movie day.


Take a Walk in Nature

Take a walk in nature together. Look for easy trails in a state park, community, or nature preserve, and get your dad to join everyone in the family for a walk. He can point out flowers, birds, and other tidbits of information to the family as you walk.  If you’re not sure where to find them, head to and enter the town or zip code. 

When you’re not available, who helps your dad? Is he often alone and having a hard time doing things on his own or does he have someone around to help him remain independent? If he’s alone, it’s time to help him get the support he needs. Call an elder care specialist and ask about the cost of elder care in your dad’s community.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Elder Care in Westshore, FL , please contact the caring staff at R.B. Home Health Services, Inc today. 305-220-6309

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